Health Importance Of Keep Your AC Coils Clean

Time and time again, there is one unending truth and that is the fact that technology can make things better if given a chance. Each year we find new uses for things that we have been using for years. One of the most impressive of these things in recent times is the UV lights that are available for our air conditioning units. They are designed to help you keep the gross particles out of your AC, but not everyone can have lights in them. If this sounds like you; know that it is still important to clean your air conditioning unit often.


UV Lights Keep Coils Clean

If you have an old air conditioner and you ever get a chance to look inside of it where the coils and insulation are located; you may find something that will turn your stomach. Often in these areas, you will find mold spores everywhere; especially on an air conditioner that is 5+ years old. This is because most of them are water damaged from the constant running of it and the fact that very little fresh air can get into it. It may not seem like a big deal to have mold in your unit, but as it forms and spreads it could end up in your ducts. From there, it will immediately be sent into all of the vents that are inside of your home, office, and more. A simple UV light can stop it before it gets to that point, but it does come with a price that many people are unable to handle.

In the event that you do not have the money for a new HVAC unit; you have the option to hire someone who is an expert in evaporator coil cleaning. This should be done yearly to avoid a potential buildup of stuff that may float into your home through the ducts.

Your Health Depends on a Clean Unit

The downside is that many people neglect their air conditioning units. Big companies do not hire people regularly to clean them and there are even some hospitals that use UV lights to sanitize the inside, but neglect the biggest contributor of mold spores. This is bad. Exposure to mold spores, even through the duct work, can contribute to the spread of colds, allergies, and difficulty breathing. It can cause asthma in young children and our elderly. This is not a good thing for people who may already have health issues, because it can make it worse.

We Need to Make the Right Choice

Not every air conditioner needs a UV light installed, but at the very least; we should clean it often. Large companies and hospitals are constantly exposing people to mold and no one even knows it. It may stay un-noticed until employees begin to feel as though they cannot breathe at work. Now is the time to change and work to make your business a better one by simply ensuring that it is a healthy working environment.

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