• Hospital administrators, operating under tight budgets, are challenged to get better value out of existing systems without ripping and replacing them.

    Best-of-breed systems do not integrate, creating an environment in which information is hard to access and harder to aggregate for optimal value.

  • Hospitals are under pressure to identify and fix reimbursement issues that affect their bottom line.
  • Management has difficulty aggregating information from the several systems in place that address things like revenue management, claims management, staff scheduling, and registration.
  • Ongoing compliance to meet JCAHO and other quality and safety performance measures may add to the administrator’s workload.


  • Azyxxi sits across all most current best-of-breed systems in the hospital and aggregates patient data so that administrators can get an instant picture of the data in the hospital’s systems at any time.
  • Real-time data views and analysis help enable administrators to improve resource utilization and planning, and monitor and manage the hospital’s finances.
  • Azyxxi can aggregate information from across clinical, financial and administrative functions, providing quick and easy access to operational details within the hospital.Administrators can use Azyxxi to generate views and reports that are easily shared to help enable informed analysis of business processes across the hospital.
  • Azyxxi can be used to manage the increasingly important function of capturing and reporting performance against regulatory benchmarks such as those established by JCAHO. Quality measures can be easily tracked, with almost no lag time.