What Is Azyxxi

What We Know To Be True

  • Improvements are needed in clinical information acquisition, storage, retrieval, sharing, and presentation—an important goal in any health care strategy.
  • As we move toward the future, an important first step is simply to get all existing data into the hands of clinicians and other health care professionals

The Issue As We See It

  • In today’s hospital enterprise, already-existing information may not readily be available when and where it is needed.
  • Best-of-breed systems lack integration, creating an environment in which information is hard to access and harder to aggregate for optimal value.
  • Clinicians and administrators need access to data that enables the most informed decisions around patient care and operational performance.

The Answer As We See It

  • Health care professionals could benefit from the ability to quickly pull this data into a consolidated and customized view, to help enable informed decisions and peak performance.