Health Benefits of a Baby Carrier

Being a new parent means a lot of kisses and cuddles. It means you are now much busier than ever. It also means sleepless nights, endless backaches, and a million new things to do. Many new parents often end up feeling overwhelmed by their new little one because during the first year, there may not be much chance for rest and relaxation. However, this new, delightful, awe inspiring little bundle of joy does not have to be as tiring today as it used to be. You can simply look on the internet for an easier way of coping with baby days and you will quickly find information on baby carriers. These useful little devices are able to make life with an infant much easier on the parents and the baby, but did you know it is also healthier? Below you will find some of the health benefits of a baby carrier and more.

What Is a Baby Carrier?

Twenty years ago a baby carrier was a baby seat that you could carry into stores so that you would not have to lug your little one in your arms and risk waking them up right before you went shopping. A lot of infant car seats would double as a carrier to make life even simpler. Those types of baby carriers are still available. Car seats still serve a dual purpose, but now there are baby carriers that are different. They are better. They are less bulky and no longer wear out your arms. These new baby carriers are most often a simple fabric wrap that you tie around yourself and then put your little one inside. With this type of baby carrier you have hands free cuddle time and a variety of other benefits.

Benefits of a Baby Carrier

Both you and your little bundle will reap many rewards due to using a baby carrier whether you are using a baby backpack or the more commonly preferred carriers that put a baby on your chest. For you, because of their ergonomic design, you will notice that you have less backaches and sore arms. This is due to the fact that the baby is supported over a larger area of your upper body. Instead of carrying them in your arms, which puts a strain on your arms, you will be able to have your infant close while their weight is spread out to your shoulders and back. This will stop you from having your back tensed up because you are off balanced slightly by their weight. A carrier has supports put into place to ensure this does not happen.

For an infant, it is proven that while in a carrier they are more easily soothed. They have easy access to everything they need, such as cuddles, warmth, closeness, and even food since a nursing mom can easily breastfeed without taking the baby from the carrier. All of these things combined make the infant more secure in their world and they will not cry as often. The baby who is carried like this may also learn to sit up and do other things faster than a baby who isn’t.


Safety Matters

One of the biggest questions a parent may want to know is whether their child will be safe in a baby carrier. The answer is, “Yes.” Once you learn how to put on your baby carrier, your child will be safer than at any other time. The only recommendation would be that you avoid searching through the front facing baby carrier reviews until your infant is already able to support themselves and hold their head upright. Until then, have them facing your chest or your back so that they can relax against you.

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