Hygiene for Healthcare Professionals

316EEH9U-lL._SY445_Anyone who works in health care can tell you that cleanliness definitely matters. You are exposed to germs all day, every day as a part of your profession and half of my day is spent with my hands being scrubbed or sanitized. It is part of the job description. When you walk into a patient’s room, your hands must be cleaned before you touch them and as you are preparing to leave. It is the only true way to protect everyone from diseases. However, at the end of the day, I still feel like I should be doing more to protect myself and my patients. That is why I first began looking at ariel steam shower reviews.

Why Cleanliness Matters

People who do not work in the health care system, do not realize how much we come into contact with each day. We are exposed to everything from a common cold to major infections that can be transferred to other patients. Bacteria is our enemy and fighting it is our primary concern. That is why you will never see anyone in my hospital not wearing gloves when they touch a patient and hands will still be scrubbed after taking off their gloves.

The reason it is important is simple. A person who has an infectious disease may be in a sterile environment and away from other patients. However, as a nurse, we have to walk into that room and help them, the same as we help all others. When we leave that room and visit the next patient, we could carry the disease to the next room. That puts that patient at risk of developing further problems that they may have not had before. When your goal in life is helping others become healthy, that is not something you want to do.


What I Have Discovered

Sometimes, a nurse or a doctor can still spread germs around without meaning to. A very sick patient may cough or sneeze on us and that is one of the easiest ways to spread colds and flus. Every so often a doctor or a nurse will develop a cold after having dealt with someone who had similar symptoms through no fault of their own. It has even happened to me and I know that I am a very clean nurse.

So, I began to wonder if perhaps it wasn’t my hands that were transferring illness, but my entire body and if that was the case, maybe a good shower would help. I did the research and before long discovered what I was sure would be the best shower head for me.

After working through the worst cold and flu season ever, I am happy to say that something definitely worked and it wasn’t me changing the way I clean myself while at work. I did not get even a small cold this past winter and I cannot help but think that it was all because I began taking a very long, relaxing, hot steamy shower with my new handheld shower head. I’ll never go back to the old, standard style shower heads again.

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